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Oh Crafts! is a group for crafters of all kinds to come together. To share ideas, projects, help, inforations, and whatnot relating to crafts. You can post pictures (but please put them behind LJ-cut), how-tos, and questions here. You can also share about some great finds (maybe some good needles? yarn? fabric? whatever) so others can enjoy them too. But please no ebay or sale listings. You can though post your website if it relates to crafting (I'll make sure to put it in the memories so everyone will be able to find it easy). You can post about any kind of craft. Knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, duct tape projects, beadery, soap making, painting, cooking, woodwork, anything! You can also post about craft shops in your area, a new craft store opening, and sales for craft things, and the like. I'll try to put everything that is useful in the memories as soon as I can. To make things easy.

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